Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Days

The last two days have brought more snow to Lexington than we have seen at any one time since Josh was born. A whopping 4 inches!! The roads are a mess so we are staying close to home. Since Ma and Pops live five minutes away and they have an awesome sledding hill in their front yard we have been there except to sleep. Ma's parents, Mimi and Bob, have been visiting since before the snow and we have had a wonderful time with them. Cousins Adam and Rachael arrived in town from Louisville this afternoon and are ready for fun in the snow as well. The newest Baker boy, Eliot, should be here late tonight so the kids will get to meet him for the first time tomorrow.

Pics to come!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Baker Monkeys plus cousins Adam and Rachael

Caleb Josh Adam

Maggie Rachael

Maggie Josh Ma Caleb Adam

Josh cutting our lego cookies

lego cookies

lego house

Back to Life, Back to Reality

I opened email this morning and to my surprise, there was a practice schedule for Josh's baseball team. Um, 10 degrees just screams Play Ball! don't you think? Well, such is the life of a baseball family. I do find it funny that I have had contact with the baseball coach when the season officially starts in March, and the basketball coaches for the league that starts this week have made no contact at all.

Both boys will be playing basketball at the YMCA this winter. Monk is on the Bucks and Josh is on the Lakers. Maggie continues to kick serious gymnastic butt. She has a meet coming up in the Cincinnati area this weekend. I should be able to have that video posted here by next Wednesday.

Well that was the least interesting post ever. I'll put some Christmas pics up later to make up for it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

So I am as bad as Tom at posting. I used to have a blog that I updated daily for years, but no more. This year I will do my best to update more regularly. I won't promise much, as life at times gets in the way.

Since summer we have lost two of our beloved family members. Kevin, Tom's uncle, passed away after a long and hard fought battle with cancer. Michael, Tom's cousin, was suddenly taken from us in a car wreck just a few days ago.

It is hard to focus on the positive of a year when so much was lost. My heartbreaks for my children. They have had to face the pain of loss too early in their lives. I hope that we are guiding them well through the grieving process. It is so hard to know.

We are closing the door on 2009 and looking forward. We will live this as the year of no regrets. We will leave no positive word unsaid and be sure that what others receive from us is kindness and respect.

The Baker Family wishes you peace and love in this new year.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer of the Monkeys Part I

The first week of summer vacation is over. I think it will take a full week to recover. Each day this week we had a special activity and many also had baseball, gymnastics and Bible school.

Day one:
We stopped by the library and signed up for the summer reading program. Josh was not very excited about the prospect of 15 hours of reading, but I think that's because he doesn't realize how much reading he does. Maggie picked out some American Girl books and then helped Caleb choose his. They sat quietly reading together for 40 minutes while Josh and I hunted for his books. I find it funny that he didn't want to listen to my suggestions, but ended up with my offerings. He hates that I know him that well. I found a series by the author Tamora Pierce and finished it this week. It is aimed at 6/7th grade reading level, but I don't like sex/ violence in my literature, so juv fiction is for me. As I was reading it, Maggie had so many questions, I just gave her the first book to read when I was done. She is pleased with herself for following the story and has minimal intervention from me. Her decoding skills are fabulous and she can figure out almost any word, but sometimes needs help with their meanings. We also hit the sprinkler at home and the pool. Josh had a baseball game. His team won by slaughter rule in the fourth inning. It was a fun day all around.

Day 2:
After morning chores were done we headed to the pool. We spent most of the day there. We met up with friends and the kids had a great time.

Day 3:
We went to the zoo (in the rain). Josh brought along a friend that I will give credit to for keeping everyone's spirits up. Our family has been spoiled by years of zoo membership. His sense of wonder and excitement opened everyone's eyes to just how cool the zoo really was.
The rain was a bit of a downer, but soon everyone was in a poncho and had their shoes off. Poor planner that I am, I had dressed myself for a heat wave in a tank top and shorts for this lovely 75ish degree rainy day. I had to buy a hoodie from the gift shop just to survive. Because the zoo was less crowed than usual, we were able to see things for the first time like the tiger training. Next time I'm going to check the weather before we head to The Ville. Skyline chili ROCKS!!

Day 4:
We picked up an extra monkey while at the zoo, Baker monkey that is. We stole the kid's cousin Adam and brought him back to Lexington to help give his parents a break and me a breakdown! No, he was awesome and we went to the Explorium on Thursday. I had to write my cell phone number on Adam's arm because he wanted as much freedom as my own kids. The front desk people thought it was hysterical. I don't think we saw everything although we were there all day. The bubble room alone kept their attention for more than an hour!

Day 5:
With cousin Adam still in tow, we headed to Kids Place. I should have known better. The weather was not good for a pool day, but the kids and I had different expectations for Kids Place. There is a giant play structure with tubes and slides and ball pits and a trampoline. I figured it would be a great way to get extra energy out. What kids place also has is arcade games with tickets one can cash in for cheap plastic crap. The start of our trip I let them know they had to play for an hour before they could get their 4 tokens that came with admission. Adam had a blast playing in the ball pit and building a house out of funky puzzle piece blocks. My kids kept comming up to me asking if it had been an hour yet. I caved after 45 minutes. They had no clue, I'm sure it seemed as much like an eternity to them as it did me. Their tokens were gone in less than 10 minutes. They decided that they could get something cooler if they pooled their tickets. Score! Cooperation! Whoohooo! I held their tickets and sent them back to the tubes to play. Adam walked up to me a short time later and asked where the kids were. I had told them to stick with him, so I was more than angry whe I found that they sneaked off to the prize counter to scope out the loot. I kept the tickets and they will not spend them until we go back there...if we ever do.

Day 6:
The fun didn't stop on Friday. We had 2 birthday parties 3 baseball games and it was Caleb's half birthday. Having no time to prepare a (half) cake, I just gave him an IOU. He was good with that. There was plenty of junk food that day.